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Strength comes from within

When we think of strength, we often think of physical strength, of trained muscles and athletic bodies. In the process, we often forget the invisible force that makes these external attributes possible in the first place: our inner strength, our motivation, and our ability to keep pushing ourselves just that little bit further. Most of the time it's not our body that makes the last set possible or gives it its all in the last kilometer - it's our head. Our thoughts are the key to our perseverance.

Strength comes through team

Do you sometimes have the feeling that you can do much more in a group than you can alone? Training with others can inspire us to new personal bests, motivate us and spur us on. Mental strength is strengthened by the cohesion in the collective and it just feels good to know that you are not alone on your athletic journey and that you have your team around you. A team that supports you, cheers you on and makes you a little stronger with every workout.