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BURTON: more than just snowboards

Originally a snowboard-making company, BURTON has now evolved into one of the most popular winter gear brands in the world. This Olympic-champion-endorsed label sticks to a palette of bright pastel colours for their sportswear, offering you visibility, practicality and comfort – all without giving up on style. This brand takes care of the whole family, as they carry their clothing for both men and women. Whether you're prepping for a day on the slopes or a chilly day in town, you're guaranteed to find exactly what you need. When temperatures fall and you need more insulation, you can add moisture-wicking base layers with ease, and at the end of the day when relaxation is the theme, there are hoodies and sweatshirts to keep you comfortable and warm. Focused on sustainability while still keeping an eye on practicality, wearing this brand means catching attention with more than just your snowboarding skills.

Riding the slopes with passion

A born and raised New Yorker dreaming of a professional career in skiing, Jake BURTON Carpenter founded the company in 1977. While enrolled at the University of Colorado Boulder, he successfully joined their NCAA-winning skiing team. Unfortunately, a car accident put a halt on his professional sports career, and he saw his dream of sporting success fade. Graduating with a degree in Economics, he took a job in finance, but his passion for winter sports never disappeared. He moved to Vermont and began working on snowboards, improving existing models and creating new ground-breaking designs. Under the name BURTON Snowboards, thanks to a successful marketing campaign that targeted winter sports championships, he found his products endorsed by gold medal winners like Shaun White and Kelly Clarke. Finally landing a sponsorship deal at four consecutive editions of the Olympic Games, the brand had officially arrived. To this day, this remains the go-to brand for anyone who aims to excel.

Snow-worthy style in BURTON gear

How many times have you carefully picked out your outfit for a relaxing day out, only to later have to bury it under the plainest winter jacket? And how many times have you struggled because your ski suit felt either too baggy or too tight? This brand has you covered. Offering a Five Fits guide for all of their sportswear, you'll be able to get the perfect fit for a day spent on the slopes. You'll be spoiled for choice in protective gear with sports accessories like gloves and hats just as well-researched and delivered. From bright and eye-catching outerwear to muted and comfortable shirts & tops, you can layer to match the temperature, no matter what you plan to do with your day. Start with a fitted tee, then add snowboard pants and a snowboard jacket to keep the chill at bay. Top it all off with your BURTON sports gloves – then you'll be prepared from top to toe.