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Crocs – recognisable and versatile

Crocs has been an iconic brand since it was founded in 2002. Their revolutionary clogs offered comfort with a distinct design. Since then, they continue to offer this, but have started to expand to introduce other shoes made of the versatile material: rubber. Although the original design hasn’t changed, the label has bright colours and funky patterns to suit every taste and budget. Bring a little flair to your job, have some fun around the house, or make waves at the beach with shoes that are waterproof and easy to clean. Whether you decide on traditional clogs, mules, slippers or boots, choose to feel comfortable in your own shoes. Pieces by crogs boast a robust fabric and a lightweight feel to ensure that you have plenty of wear out of them. Fully customisable with some fun accessories, you can make your shoes truly your own. Pair with some colourful socks to show off your feet or play it safe with neutral tones in a more professional setting. The brand offers the cult classic mules for everyone: men, women, and kids.

The history of crocs

The label was founded all the way back in 2002. In Colorado, USA, a group of three enthusiasts had a crazy dream: to make a functional plastic shoe from foam resin. Originally designed for boating and recreation, the shoe was to have a non-slip sole. Later that year, they introduced the world to one of the most well-loved shoes in the world. As they grew, so did their lines. Priding themselves on true democracy, designed with people in mind, innovative imagination and transparent simplicity, they are able to create over 60 new lines every season. Classic clogs and sliders have 13 holes in each shoe for ventilation and to remove moisture. In 2005, customisation of the traditional shoe became all the rage. With a desire to offer pure comfort for every eventuality, they introduced a professional line. Favoured by medical staff, chefs and teachers alike, the shoes also offer lightness and great tread to keep your feet healthy and happy during a long shift. With over 600 million pairs of shoes being sold in over 90 countries worldwide since the label began, they’ve turned their attention to the environment with their initiative, 'Crocs cares'. Their mission is comprised of three elements: families, animals and the environment.

Crocs for work and home

Whether you are looking for comfort around your home or work environment, Crocs are there for you. Choose bold patterns for a fun element or safe colours to blend in. The versatility of such a label means you can wear almost anything with your new shoes. Put on a pair of sandals for a more casual feel or add an eye-catcher to an outfit with their colourful mules. The brand isn’t just for indoors or summertime adventures any more, though; for a wet or windy excursion, sleek boots that are lovingly lined will be a great choice. Completely waterproof and easy to clean, they’re even a great choice for kids. In bright colours and proudly robust, winter boots will keep your children’s feet warm while they play, without the worry of extensive clean-up. Just wipe down with soap and water and they’re ready to go again. Whatever it is you choose, Crocs won’t disappoint, so find your new favourite pair now in the crocs online shop!