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Choose ECCO for shoes that will keep your feet happy

When it comes to footwear, comfort is key – and that's why ECCO has become such a popular brand. This family-owned company is originally from Denmark, but over the decades, it has become a household name in countries across Europe and beyond. Fans stick with ECCO for the high quality of its shoes. Many people who love this brand have previously experienced foot problems, such as plantar fasciitis, which can be exacerbated by uncomfortable or badly-fitted footwear. Others just love the pure satisfaction that comes from slipping their feet into a pair of these beautifully crafted shoes. They are all supportive and comfortable, but also attractive. Generally, you won't find much in the way of fleeting trends here. Instead, these are classic shoes, often in timeless, neutral colours, that you'll be able to wear for years to come. These shoes are built to last and are sure to become your everyday favourites.

High-quality materials for a difference you'll feel

ECCO stands out from other companies due to its manufacturing process. It's the only major shoe retailer that has its own tanneries and, therefore, produces its own leather. This means that it has full control of the entire process, from treating the leather for use to putting the finishing touches on a pair of shoes. As a result, all the footwear is ethically produced, and the materials are sustainably sourced. What's more, the process is far more environmentally friendly than many competitors, making the brand a popular choice for any customers who care about the planet. However, people choose this brand because of more than just ethics – it's about comfort, too. The leather that is used is of the finest quality and is chosen for its comfort and user-friendliness. It is selected for its ability to react to weather conditions, ensuring that your feet remain comfortable at all times, without rubbing, chafing or soreness. After spending a day in a pair of these shoes, you'll definitely feel the difference.

ECCO footwear for comfort and style at all times

You'll be able to find shoes for men, women and children. Almost all feature uppers made from the brand's trademark high-quality leather, while the other parts of the shoe come from equally impressive materials. Thick, supportive soles ensure comfort on the most sensitive parts of your feet, and high heels are carefully made to be supportive, allowing you to wear them all day long. There are also special trekking shoes, outdoor sandals, and golf shoes that will keep you going while you indulge in your favourite sport. As well as footwear, the brand produces bags and accessories – again, from the high-quality leather that is made in its own tanneries. Handbags, cross body bags, clutches, backpacks and more are available; in the men's range, you'll also be able to pick up wallets and briefcases. A piece from ECCO is an investment; it will last for years.