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FILA: a broadened sportswear company

If you were to walk around a company warehouse today, you may be surprised to learn that FILA’s foundation is sportswear. This is because the company now has such a wide range of clothing that its sportswear doesn't stand out. Where this form of diversification is often a bad thing for a company, in this case, it has dramatically broadened their appeal and taken focus from direct comparisons between their sportswear and that of other larger companies. Though the company is not one for jumping on the trends bandwagon, they have made a lot of progress through clever niche domination. For example, they were the first to fully commit to plus-sized clothing, and geo-target their sportswear. In fact, their geo-targeting is superb, featuring different ethnogenetically local models for each country’s website, and even pushing different sports in different countries, from football in Brazil to tennis in the United Kingdom.

The FILA branding exercise that went sideways

FILA Holdings Corp is a clothing and sportswear manufacturer. They have been designing their own ranges of clothing since 1911, when the company was founded by Ettore and Giansevero FILA in Biella, Piedmont, Italy. The company Sports Brand International bought the company in 2007 and then sold it to FILA Korea in South Korea. The company became public on the Korea Exchange in 2010. The company has always made high-quality clothing, shoes, and accessories for men, women, and kids. Though the Western fires have never stopped burning, it is in places like Asia, and especially in Hong Kong, where the brand is lighting up. Its gentle compromise between quality and price means that their clothes are affordable without being unduly and unfairly labelled as budget clothing.

FILA: Worn for its casual and comfy feel

How you wear this brand of clothing is really up to you because they have a very large range of varied and stylish clothes. There are different clothing types for all circumstances, be it casual dresses for the summer, sweatshirts & hoodies for staying comfy in winter or casual wear that you may be seen wearing everywhere from walking the dog to jogging in the park. One of the few places you cannot go wrong is sportswear. Garments and shoes for sports are mostly colour-neutral and geared towards comfort; This is ideal for most casual gym users and runners. Male and female trainers are rarely bold or loud, which means you can wear them with most of your cosy and comfortable outfits – the chunky FILA trainers in particular have become a cult classic over the last years. If you are looking to make a statement over the winter months, then FILA jackets are by far some of the best items that this brand has to offer.