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HUGO: the designer brand with a mid-range price tag

HUGO BOSS is often thought of as a high-end runway clothing label. In truth, this brand also offers high-end moderate to contemporary clothing, shoes and perfumes. The brand is very well publicised and marketed to maintain its expert designer prestige while actually having a wide range of middle-to-high intermediary-priced clothing. Though generally thought of as a men's label, the company has built a great sales catalogue of items that range from exquisite suits to embroidered logo hoodies for both genders. HUGO BOSS is one of the biggest clothing brands in Germany, with worldwide sales that show just how wide their appeal reaches. An over-sized BOSS logo is often seen on the sweatshirts & hoodies range, whereas a more subtle logo is saved for suits and smarter clothing, usually only featuring on the internal label. The clothing ranges by HUGO BOSS is divided into HUGO and BOSS, both carrying clothing, accessories, shoes for men and women. They furthermore transferred their popular designs to sports clothing: BOSS Athleisure, where you can find highly fashionable and luxurious workout gear!

A slightly rocky start with a laudable finish

Even from the very early days, the company had trouble. Its eponymous founder was bankrupted and left with only six sewing machines with which to restart his business. After his death in 1948, there was a massive shift to focus on suits which successfully reshaped the future of the company. A full selection of women's clothing was made available in 2000. HUGO BOSS now owns more than 1100 dedicated retail stores and is known worldwide as a mid to mid-high level brand. The brand is known for sponsoring celebrities, sports events and for being prominent in the catwalk scene. Yet their true power lies in their powerful targeted marketing, and the sheer weight of their publicity punch, which enables them to reach many markets, from adverts before the US Superbowl, to spots during the TV broadcast of the UK Grand National.

HUGO: how to wear the brand

HUGO BOSS is for those who prefer understatement so even their accessories range lets you keep things low-key. If you are heading to the office, there is plenty of scope for smart-yet-comfortable dresses, while a relaxing weekend in cooler months is the perfect time to throw on jeans and keep warm with jumpers & knitwear. Known for their sharp lines and bold designs, this company excels at outerwear. Their jackets offer a fair amount of style so that wearers look sharply professional while maintaining an air of fashionability, and the same goes for their shoes. From sneakers to boots, booties to pumps & high heels, there is sure to be a style that will take you from the boardroom to the bar. HUGO excels when it comes to fashionable suits, but their casual lines repeatedly win accolades, making them the perfect choice for creating a wardrobe that covers every occasion.