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InWear: Combining form with function

InWear is a leading Danish fashion brand for women. They specialise in sophisticated, contemporary styles that offer function as well as fashion. Their pieces have pockets you can use, coats that offer warmth as well as style, and an overall look of utilitarian-chic. Considered an authority across the Danish brands, they have survived the competitive fashion scene since 1969 with its reliable, trustworthy reputation and continues to prove its value on the high streets today. What you’ll discover in their collections are beautiful textures, luxury fabrics, uncomplicated pieces and contemporary tailoring that’s relevant for how women want to dress today. InWear believes that comfort is the key to feeling confident and looking good, so they design their collections ensuring that easy to wear is just as crucial as their stylish aesthetic.

The small collection that started a movement

InWear was born in 1969 on the streets of Copenhagen, from the young mind of Niels Martinsen, who aged 20, co-owned one of the cities hottest nightclubs. Enthralled with fashion and in touch with what young, hip crowds wanted to wear, he and his promising designer girlfriend at the time, Kirsten Teisner, decided to start their own fashion label. Armed with 6 rolls of jersey material they created a small collection of dresses and shirts for women. The brand was an overnight success and tapped into how this new generation of women wanted to be dressed; modern, feminine with a laid back sense of style. They grew to become one of the hottest labels in the '80s and '90s and was a precursor to the aspirational Scandinavian-chic movement we see today. In Spring 2014, the label was purchased by multi-brand fashion group, DK Company, who helped rekindle the love for this label after a quieter 00s by taking it back to its roots, InWear had a successful revival. Today, they have a large online shop and over 60 stores across the region. With over 50 years of experience, the company has cemented itself as a Scandi-cool stalwart within the fashion industry.

How to wear InWear

Introduce this contemporary label into your look and you’ll find pulling together chic outfits becomes so easy you’ll want to create an entire wardrobe from their collections. The brand describes itself as a label designed for living, so you’ll find many wearable options. Their workwear range such as blazers or trousers are designed with casual tailoring in mind, proving that tailoring can be comfortable, soft yet smart. With Scandinavian-cool never getting old, try a cosy wool jumper, the classic Nordic vibe will see you stylishly through the colder months, pair with jeans, or a skirt and tights. The label prides itself on its distinctive and figure-flattering cuts, so a sophisticated dress may be a great option for you. Team with a modern bag from their accessories range to finish the look. Whatever you choose from InWear, the brand cleverly manages to keep you feeling comfortable yet looking stylishly put together, the perfect outfit combination.