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LACOSTE – chic and sporting style

LACOSTE is a French clothing, footwear and perfume brand. Best known for its sporting wear and sport-styled casual wear at home at LACOSTE SPORT, it offers a multi-gender and diverse range of clothing that isn't just at home on a tennis court. Producing understated eyewear, leather goods and watches, as well as their famous shoes, clothing and perfumes, this is the brand for those who do not wish to draw attention to themselves, but still value high-quality fabrics and well-cut styles. Though many people automatically think of this as a dedicated sports brand, it has branched out comfortably into business-suitable apparel and accessories. The clothes are not cheap, but they are far from extravagant. Avoiding gaudiness or brand-blasted commercialism, this is a company focused on helping you to feel comfortable while still looking like you made the effort to look good. With its subdued yet instantly recognisable take on fashion, the iconic green crocodile logo is held in high esteem worldwide.

Historically modern

Founded by tennis player René Lacoste and knitwear manufacturer André Gillier in 1933, LACOSTE grew by marketing itself with carefully placed sporting sponsorships and through its association with high-ranking sports players. Though starting out with tennis wear, the company expanded by selling to golfers and by 1977, they had gone global. By the year 2005, their clothes were seen prominently on TV; they were prevalent in spring and summer sporting events like the Masters Tournament and Wimbledon, before becoming equally visible in the winter Olympics. By 2007, the company had a fully-functional eCommerce website that sold predominantly to the US market and by 2010, the company was frequently associated with sports and community programs around the world with an online presence to match. Now owned by the Swiss family-held group Maus Frères, the company is often seen teaming up with other super-brands for collaborative projects.

How to wear LACOSTE

Although the traditional focus of this brand is sporty, you can wear it absolutely anywhere. From the tennis and squash courts to your kid's weekly football post-game meal, the classic polo is perfect. But you'll find more than sweatshirts & hoodies available. Choose one of their crisp button-up shirts for a day in the office, or wear loosely-structured jersey dresses for comfort on the weekend. Their jackets range from padded winter styles to more dressy, hip-skimming bombers, and it's easy to throw either over jeans and a fitted tee for the school run. Simple, elegant, yet bursting with style, you can find everything you'll need, from underwear to shoes. Instead, pick a single piece and build your daily look around it. LACOSTE might be traditionally associated with the summer months, but you'll find something suitable for any season of the year. Furthermore, there are ranges for everyone in the family, as the label carries womenswear, menswear, and kidswear – buy your LACOSTE statement pieces online now!