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LEMON JELLY – sustainable quality

For surprisingly fun fashion and incredible sustainability, LEMON JELLY is the Portuguese label that blends fun into their footwear. With bright contrasting colours, funky laces and a surprising lemon scent, your feet will always be protected from the rain while looking fabulous. So feel free to jump into some puddles while you’re out; they clean up easily with a soft damp cloth. It is without question that the label, of course, offers Wellington Rain Boots, but they do so with a playful twist on the original farmer’s boot. You will find bright colours, buckles and bows on their high-quality boots, giving you an edge over all others on a rainy day. Prepare to be surprised again with shoes & mules that offer the same playfulness, making them a welcome addition to your work-or-play wardrobe.

Fashionably and environmentally conscious

As to be expected with such a brand as LEMON JELLY, they have had quite an adventure to get to where they are today. A part of a larger organization 40 years ago, the brand was developed a few years later with a focus on fashion. Before long, this award-winning label developed a truly personal style along with a focus on the environment and sustainability. Not only do they boast animal-friendly boots and shoes, but they pride themselves on zero waste with a line called ‘Recycled Lemons’. This has enabled them to reduce 90% of their carbon emissions by recycling their waste materials instead of manufacturing more. On top of being guilt-free, you can find yourself looking and feeling stupendous with great colour, design and craftsmanship. Even though this is a revolutionary focal point for the label, they’re still looking to do more. Their cruelty-free materials make them a completely 100% vegan brand, approved by PETA. Their shoes and boots are even 100% recyclable. Recycle them yourself or send them back to the label and they will give your old shoes new life.

LEMON JELLY – not only wellies

What would a label that prides themselves in rubber boots and shoes be if they didn’t make wellies? Play with your mood by pairing the shoes with bright and colourful long socks and a winter skirt or shorts. Given that the label has a vast array available, you can certainly find footwear to suit all times of the year. Come rain-or-shine, consider some booties or wellies to spice up your outfit. Choose slides to wear either around the house or out in the world. Paired with a cute playsuit or dress will keep you looking hot while keeping cool during the summer. In the cool spring and autumn, find solace with boots and shoes that you can indulge any time. Winter is no exception as LEMON JELLY lace-up boots are lined with cotton to keep your feet warm. Find your perfect LEMON JELLY boots now in the ABOUT YOU online shop!