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minimum: sustainable essentials

The Danish design house creates pieces in the following categories: essentials – which are the foundation underpinning any contemporary wardrobe; simple tones – nuanced items which respond to seasonal trends; and beyond basics – items which will enhance the underpinnings of your closet. From a pair of perfect-fitting jeans, to stylish flirty tops, to occasion wear that will make you look just that bit extra whether you are at a wedding or a business meeting. The style philosophy is to create clothes that make you feel like your style game is always on point. When wearing minimum, you are always well-dressed. Whether you’re wearing one of the classic cool dresses, some smart trousers, or layering up in some effortless knitwear or with one of their jackets, you know that each piece enhances your look and pulls it together, giving you that coveted Scandinavian-chic vibe.

Rich Nordic heritage

The brand began as a small brick and mortar shop in Aarhus, Denmark back in 1997. Since then, due to the quality of the clothing and an essential yet accessible approach, the line has grown into a global success story. The clothes translate what the Danes do so well: exquisite and functional staples that make you look incredible without breaking the bank. The company remains independent, maintaining its roots and commitment to creating quality classic items with that signature Scandinavian look, produced sustainably but loved internationally. minimum is able to bring its rich Nordic heritage and style philosophy to the wider world, staying centred while continuing to grow. It is this dedication to its origin story and local ethos that helps the company stay humble and produce pieces which stay true to its history and outlook. minimum furthermore remains committed to producing items that not only look great, but also treat the planet and its employees well. This is evident in the whole design and production process. Through using fine materials which are sourced ethically and also ensuring fair working conditions, the design house capitalises not only on a proud tradition but emboldens a bright future.

Explore your minimum style

The brand’s ethos is to offer you beautiful high quality, ethical and above all functional clothing. The collections consist of cool mixes of materials, colours, and shapes, providing you with both essential staples and wardrobe enhancing items. For instance, pair one of Mimimum’s classic jumpers with your favourite jeans. Then dress down with some ballet flats or your trusty trainers for brunch and dress it up later with some jazzy earrings and pumps for dinner. The statement jumpsuits & overalls are other great items to wear throughout the day and carry you from morning to night, easily translating your look from all business to party time depending on your accessories. Each item is crafted with attention to detail to ensure their signature shape and look giving you that casual luxe feel. Look your best with minimum effort, maximum style.