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s. Oliver – simply elegant

s. Oliver is a German label with international recognition. With a style that never goes out of fashion, it's no wonder that it is a popular choice around the world. Keeping the family in mind, the brand inspires to be your personal fashion specialist who is ready to give everyone under your roof a great new look effortlessly. It's not hard to find something suitable for all tastes when there's a mix of prints and colours ready to brighten up your family's wardrobes. Whether you're at the office, out on the town or having a day out, there's a perfect outfit waiting for you. This is not only a label that strives for the best cut, the best price, or the best design, you'll find that there is a lot more to the brand than meets the eye. s.Oliver also includes a special range for premium clothing, s.Oliver BLACK LABEL, as well as childrenswear with s.Oliver Junior.

Over 50 years of fashion

In 1969, Sir Oliver was introduced in Wurzburg as a gentlemen's clothing boutique. A simple goal of affordable and timeless outfits for men quickly grew into an innovative and thriving business with meaningful milestones. Within a few years, a women's line was introduced and s. Oliver was born. Over the years, new lines were offered and the label quickly gained ground in Europe, India and Canada, the goal of affordable and timeless outfits unforgotten. With a love for fashion as strong today as it was in 1969, the brand continues to offer the latest trends with great attention to detail and a reasonable price tag. The passion from the brand doesn't just extend to style. That passion spreads to empathy for people, the planet and the future. With an ongoing commitment to social standards, animal welfare, environmental protection and many other admirable focuses, you can wear your outfit with pride knowing you are a part of something special – so get your new favourite pieces now in the s.Oliver online shop!

Looking fabulous in s. Oliver

The casual nature of the design is what the label is famous for, so you can be prepared for any social situation that calls for it. Simplicity is key when planning your new look, making it easier to mix and match throughout the year. Colourful jumpers & knitwear can be easily paired with some simple form-hugging jeans to give you a look that can work as well in the spring as it could in autumn or winter. Just don't forget to layer up in case you get too hot or too cold. This can be achieved with a classic shirt or T-shirt combination in a style that suits you best. Casual wear doesn't just inspire in the day; you can just as easily work it during a night out with friends. Mix a pair of slim-fit trousers with a crisp button-up shirt or blouse and choose from a great selection of blazers or jackets to complete the look. Don't forget your lace-up boots or shoes before you leave! You'll find you can pull off almost any look in any season with s. Oliver.