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Tally Weijl: Beyond the basics

Tally Weijl effortlessly adds the Swiss charm and glams your wardrobe with its classic yet stylish wear and alluring high-end accessories. Purposely made for self-confident women ready to rock the streets with trendy looks, this brand infuses class and fashion beyond the basics. Tally Weijl lets you boost your outfit catalogue with stylish trends featuring sleek shirts, figure-flattering body-con dresses, or a pair of comfy ripped denim with a considerate price tag. Whether you prefer flirty or funky fashion, you’ll always find something to suit your dressing desires. Tally Weijl's clothes are often bold statement pieces that can quickly become the centrepiece of a capsule wardrobe. Slay effortlessly with the company’s designer jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses, shirts, T-shirts, hoodies, coats and jackets.

Historically modern

1984 marked the beginning of a great success story by two enthusiastic individuals, Tally Weijl and her co-founder Beat Grüring. A philosophy drove these two passionate individuals that anyone can have access to the latest fashion trends. They were never reluctant to put that into practice. Tally and Beat dived straight into business by supplying clothes to Swiss fashion houses and boutiques. In 1987, the small fashion empire expanded. Beat and Tally were able to open their first shop in Fribourg and, later, many more stores in Switzerland while starting as franchise partners. It was their genesis into concurring new markets. After launching its first image campaign – "Totally sexy" – the brand developed into one of the fashion retail industry’s top international players. However, after years of operation, they did revamp their motto. Tally Weijl stepped into the online and omnichannel business, keeping its retail and franchise concepts alive.

Tally Weijl in your wardrobe

This fashion label is a must-have in every lady’s wardrobe. Looking for the perfect capsule wardrobe? Then this brand is the right one to turn to. It covers all your looks. The brand's range makes it especially easy to put an outfit together and can be dressed up and down with ease. Claim elegance with draped sheer mini skirts for a party, high-waist jeans for a picnic treat, or a faux leather paper bag shorts for random city walks. For a look beyond the ordinary, try pairing a lurex top with a hood or a bodysuit with rhinestones. If you are livening your wardrobe up for winter, don’t be afraid to make a bold statement with the brand’s flashy coats and a turtleneck jumper. Tally Weijl helps you feel comfortable while still looking like you made an effort to look stylish!