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TIMBERLAND: twelve months, one season

TIMBERLAND and their iconic yellow boot rose to success thanks to the revolutionary injection-moulding technique: this method was simply meant to replace hand-stitching in the production process, but it also made the shoe completely waterproof. To this day, these boots still rank among the most durable and adaptable footgear. They allow a firm grip on snow, keep your feet warm and dry in the heaviest rain and turn long, summer hikes up the steepest slopes into all fun, no fuss. This brand's shoes come from the minds of nature lovers: their goal is to push you out there to enjoy the views of our world while making sure the environment is protected and respected. With items as functional as these, the weather is no longer a good excuse to avoid stepping out, especially since they produce footwear for the whole family: women, men, and kids!

A family tradition

TIMBERLAND's founder Nathan Swartz was born in the Russian Empire in the early 1900s. He came from a long line of shoemakers who eventually migrated to the United States, where Nathan became an apprentice in a shoe shop, standing by his family's heritage. In the 1950s, he bought the Abington Shoe Company in South Boston and worked for over a decade inventing the process of injection-moulding. When he implemented this method in the making of his products, he eventually came up with a fully waterproof boot – the TIMBERLAND – able to sustain any kind of weather conditions. This revolutionary product reached such fame to convince its creator to officially name his company after it. TIMBERLAND stayed a family business until 2011, when Swartz's grandson sold it to VF Corporation; however, the popularity of its products keeps growing.

TIMBERLAND: a faithful sidekick

Shoes remain their flagship product – and their variety is able to really accompany you for every occasion. Their unisex designs have easily made them popular across all ages and genders, offering a wide range of options for men, women and kids: from sneakers to boots! Choose lace-up boots under hoodies and jeans, or business shoes to go with your best shirt. Running sneakers and sportswear are perfect for a morning jog, to be replaced with polo shirts and casual lace-up shoes to face a busy day at the office. Complete your outfits with casual belts and cardigans and don't forget your parka or quilted jacket, depending on the season. When the weekend comes, make sure your babies and teens are all geared up as well, slip into your platform sandals and enjoy a stroll in the sun with the whole family. These boots are made so you never have to leave them behind, in any season and any occasion. To be quite honest, your TIMBERLAND boots are the ones begging you to go out.

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