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UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON – fashion that makes a statement

Italian in design and attitude, UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON is a label that has made its name all around the world. Strong social messages that almost bleed into the clothes are a signature of the brand. With a mix of timeless styles and out-there quirkiness, making your own statement has never been easier. The brand has many visions, but colours are the heart and soul. Vibrant colours splash all over the knits, hoodies, T-shirts et al. What's amazing, though, is the subtle surprise of a fresh print or elegant neutral tones peeking out from the new lines, meaning that mixing colours has never been so exhilarating. United by style and passion, this brand is your best friend in helping you to freely express yourself.

Over half a century of colour with BENETTON

UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON has been making waves since it surfaced in 1965. Bringing together different cultures, nationalities and colours has always been their dream, which is what turned the label into a household name. The brand is about more than the clothes they create; universality is the main goal. Designs being worn across all races, genders, religious beliefs and sexualities sends the world a message that all people are equal. Such a powerful message has the ability to create a strong fashionista with an even stronger voice. All you need to do now is consider how strong a voice you wish to have. Along with the passion for equality, UNITED COLORS has a vision of greener clothing. Not only is their brand built on the colour, but the vision of a sustainable world with minimal environmental impact is quite a building block that has been advancing for decades.

Unite the colours of your wardrobe

The clothing brand has raised the bar, making the creation your wardrobe all the more empowering. Considering sustainability in your options? Be daring with white jumpsuits and overalls or beige blazers, both from the sustainable range. Finish off with some booties or heels, depending on your mood. Do you want to use your freedom of expression during the winter months? Make a statement by pairing a stunning cherry red jumper with cute skinny jeans and sneakers. Taking that voice outside? Bundle up in a sexy red or navy blue winter coat and consider some statement-making boots instead. If you're looking to express yourself in the spring or summer, opt for a raspberry skirt coupled with a pure white peasant blouse; the light fabric certain to keep you cool as you show the world who you really are. You can get away with light cabin shoes or colourful ballerina slippers if you're out and about. If you're preparing for a more formal affair, consider deep red or cognac-coloured midi-sleeved dresses. Pair with satin pumps for a great combination. Stand out with the right accessories and a show-stopping hairstyle, and you'll have the full attention of the room. For a splash of colour in your wardrobe, think UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON, and shop the range now in the ABOUT YOU online store.