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Celebrate you
Playful layering

Celebrate you Playful layering
Playful layering893

Level it up

The feel-good factor of layering whets the appetite for all occasional activities – where fun colorways, versatile silhouettes, and varying fabrics are all combined. This year, we are leaning on coats as a statement layering piece. Rework a mix of closet staples like a collared shirt and stockings paired with metallic shorts and a wool coat in a deep color for a cleverly classy look full of captivating diverse textures. A thin coat in metallic pink steals the show in terms of being a trendy choice – as it generally has a yielding silhouette, you can wear it under a thicker coat for nights out on the town or throw it over a mini dress in the same color scheme for dinner parties with friends.

Nisha - Glamorous Pink Satin Look
Nisha - Glamorous Pink Satin Look