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Celebrate you
Pullover style check

Celebrate you Pullover style check
Pullover style check814

Join the pullover party

A pullover is a basic in our wardrobe – they are not so basic though, but rather very elegant and stylish. The turtle neck pullover is always sleek and put together with the extra-long collar, which can either be rolled up or down. We love a thinner knit that can be kept on during fancy dinners and on the dance floor. A neutral color is a timeless choice, as it can be dressed up or down to your liking and layered endlessly. If you are looking to add some fun volume to your look, a cable knit with a bold pattern like Norwegian or plaid definitely earns a seat at the table. Simply pair it with your favorite jeans – it’s an everyday option that brings a whole lot of good vibes.

Liam D. - 70s Knit Look
Celebrate you Pullover style check