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Our top picks
Shorts of the season

Our top picks Shorts of the season
Shorts of the season596

To wear on repeat

Shorts are the unsung heroes in any wardrobe, and it's time to give them the spotlight they deserve. Think cargo shorts in earthy tones, easy to wear, and even easier to style – giving off those rugged utility vibes while still looking handsome. Or maybe you're feeling a bit more business-casual – that's where chino shorts come in, perfect for mixing with your favorite streetwear pieces for a look that says "I mean business, but I'm also here to chill." And let's not forget denim shorts, the OGs of cool. Pair them with a crisp white shirt and you've got yourself that James Dean look. So go ahead, show off those legs, and let your style do the talking.

Hugo - Chic Chino Shorts Look
Our top picks Shorts of the season