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Lighter, medium, or darker?
Skin Tone Guide

Lighter, medium, or darker? Skin Tone Guide
Skin Tone Guide 1,331


To find out which coverage suits you need to know that it's all about undertone! Do you have fair skin and blond to reddish hair? Then the probability is high that you have a cool skin undertone. You can find this out by holding your wrist out in daylight - if your veins shimmer bluish-purple and your skin is pinkish-bluish for example, you have a cool skin undertone. This means that when choosing your make-up you should keep in mind to always choose the same undertone, in this case a cool undertone, you can often recognize this by designations such as rose beige or cold beige. In more rare cases of a lighter skin tone, if your skin has a saturated beige or olive tint - the undertone is most likely warm. Here, your makeup should have warm undertones and often carries terms such as warm beige or neutral gold.



Do you have medium dark skin with darker blonde to brown hair? Then the probability is high that you belong to medium skin tone range. Again, there are warm and cool undertones to keep in mind: If your skin color is warm & olive, then makeup with warm undertones from yellow to bronze will suit your skin. Often, suitable nuances are called warm caramel or golden beige. For example, bronzers with a golden undertone harmonize particularly well here. On the other hand if the nuance of your skin is rather ashy, products with a cool, pink to bluish undertone are suitable, look out for designations such as cold or neutral. You can also do the process backwards by applying coverage on the top of your hands underneath the thumb area, if it is a match and blends well this will determine if it matches your skin tone on your face, you can then get a feel of undertone and use it as a basis as your correct skin tone coverage. A tip for medium skin tone: Your complexion will look especially radiant with a matching silver-tinted highlighter.