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Hats, gloves & co.
Snowboard Accessoires

Hats, gloves & co. Snowboard Accessoires
Snowboard Accessoires47

Reflect The Track

Cozy hats, warm gloves and colorful goggles — the right equipment can turn your snowboarding session into an unforgettable experience and make you stand out on every slope in terms of style and visibility. Find your new key pieces in our diverse selection of snowboard accessories!

Hats, gloves & co. Snowboard Accessoires

Safety First

Safety is absolutely essential for daring descents on snow-covered slopes. Therefore, no snowboarding attire is complete without the right helmet. But this important headgear doesn't have to be an unattractive fashion faux pas! Our high-quality helmets in reflective and bright colors offer safety, look fashionable and signal "Here I come!" to your powder crew. Wearing matching goggles complements your outfit with clever accents and protects your eyes from dangerous UV radiation. Tip: Always have a spare pair of glasses on hand as the weather can rapidly change!

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