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Warm & safe through the season
Snowboard Jackets

Warm & safe through the season Snowboard Jackets
Snowboard Jackets39

Keep Dry

You don't want to worry about sweating or freezing on your next ride? Then look for a snowboard jacket that is breathable and waterproof at the same time so that you'll stay warm and dry! When looking for a high-quality jacket, always pay attention to its waterproof rating. The higher the rating, the more waterproof your slope buddy is. You're safe with anything above 10000mm!

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In the Fast Lane

Your jacket is a key part of your snowboarding outfit. Discover our trendy styles in the form of colorful statement pieces and cool patterns. But also pay attention to fit: Your snowboard jacket should go over the hips, its sleeves should reach to the wrists when you have your arms stretched out, and it should be large enough to leave room for cozy clothes underneath. It is ideally combined with thermal underwear or fleece. The layers wick away sweat so that you feel comfortable and dry. Many jackets also have a body-heated media pocket that prevents your phone battery from draining too quickly in the cold. That way you can always reach your powder crew in case of emergency!

Warm & safe through the season Snowboard Jackets