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Birkenstock: take comfort in style

There are not many examples of footwear that are instantly recognisable across the world. However, that is definitely the case with the iconic Birkenstock sandals. The unique four-layer footbed has often been imitated but never surpassed. This is the manufacturing secret that makes them so incredibly comfortable to wear – for women, men, and kids! The sandals will mould themselves to the shape of the bottom of your feet. This means that they will become even more comfortable the longer that you wear them – and the range of bright colours available means that you can always find something to suit any outfit. The sandals are also long lasting and virtually unbreakable, as they are eminently suitable to wear if you have to walk long distances.

How Birkenstock achieved fame

The brand originated in Germany and the first prototype of the sandal was produced in 1964. They were introduced to America when spotted by an American woman on holiday at a German spa. She quickly fell in love and set up a distribution company. Success spread across America in the 1960s and 1970s when Birkenstock sandals became incredibly popular amongs hippies. They loved the natural feel and comfort of the sandals. In 1986, Nordstrom became the first department store to stock the sandals. This was an important step away from their previous distributors who had mainly been health food shops. It meant that the brand was now viewed as a mainstream fashion choice rather than just an orthopaedic option. Success has continued to the present day as new generations have discovered them. In 2007, the company bought out the American distributors and in 2017, they made their first move away from footwear by launching a premium range of beds.

Buy freedom for your feet online now

Sandals are the perfect footwear for summer days. Your feet will feel cool, comfortable and cushioned by the unique sole. There is also a range of different styles to suit all tastes. The traditional Madrid style are slip-on sandals with one wide band which goes across the top of the foot. The band can be adjusted to suit different widths. If you prefer extra support, there are variations on this style which have two separate straps. You can wear these sandals with long flowing skirts, cropped trousers of long shorts. They go with everything and are suitable for daytime or evening wear. Love the brand and want to wear one of their shoes in the winter too? Their boots and booties are perfect for smart casual occasions and will go well with range of clothes, particularly jeans. The range of colours on all shoes make them adaptable to your favourite outfits, letting you mix and match as you please. White sandals will look perfectly with a patterned summer dress. Alternatively, try a brighter coloured pair of Birkenstocks to give a pop of colour to a summer outfit in neutral tones.