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BUFFALO – fashion that inspires

The German label, BUFFALO, is widely known for its iconic platform sports shoes. During the 90’s they were popular with the likes of Madonna, N’Sync, Cher and the Spice Girls. Since then, they have grown to include clothing lines, also including a kids' range. With such bold and sunny style you can find a light outfit for the beach, the office or a night on the town. Primarily focused towards summer, the fun floral prints and bright colours are enough to lighten any mood. With jumpsuits & overalls with cheeky additions and trousers known for their unique, well-tailored cuts, these pieces are made to be played with. Accessories can enhance your look if used well and, of course, don’t forget the shoes! As BUFFALO has grown, so has its reach. Known under the label Buffalo London, an array of ballerinas, sandals, pumps & high heels, you’ll be hard-pressed to not find the perfect shoe for any outfit. Updated classics with a twist carry their signature playfulness and stand proudly with their other sleek and contemporary designs.

A history of fashion with BUFFALO

BUFFALO began with just one man and a pair of Mexican cowboy boots. In 1976, Michael Conradi took a trip to Mexico and fell in love with them, instantly recognising their potential across the pond. As predicted, they sold well on the German market – mostly to the young and fashion-conscious. Three years later, he started his own boot-making business. He gained international recognition in 1984 due to such experimental design and a high level of care for each piece. They finally started to expand their range and designed their most iconic shoe – classic sneakers with platform soles. The novelty hung around for quite a while and boosted the brand into a worldwide phenomenon. Eventually adding clothing lines, BUFFALO presents new and unique collections twice a year. Through collaboration with designers, brands and influencers, they are able to keep informed of the latest trends and influences for international media and fashion. They even offer a vegan shoe line, which is PETA approved, and sustainable clothing made from cotton supplied by CmiA-approved cotton-cultivation and ginning factories. Their goals to become a more viable label are being reached one step at a time.

Choosing the right combination with BUFFALO

It’s fair to say that platform sneakers haven’t really gone away and BUFFALO have reinvented them for a new era of style. Collaborating with the likes of Lisa & Lena, there is a new style of shoes on offer. They go well with jeans for a day out in the city or at the beach. The brand offers something for the colder months, too; well-cut jeans and fun booties or boots topped off with colourful sweaters or coats. You might even find something for the office; bold prints in subtle tones embrace flatteringly crafted trousers, matched with monotone blouses & tunics for a daring new look. Choose shimmering high-heeled sandals or classic pumps to make your look more fearless in your BUFFALO outfit.