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CONVERSE: The world's favourite sneaker brand

Established in 1908, CONVERSE is now one of the most popular brands of casual footwear on the market today. Today, the brand is best known for their Chucks, the distinctive sneaker-style shoes with the fabric sides, rounded rubber toe cap and white strip running around the sides of the sole. These highly recognisable shoes were named after Chuck Taylor, a sure-footed basketball player who was then so enthused by the company's offer that he became its brand ambassador. And it is not hard to see why the shoes were – and remain – such a big hit. They are comfortable enough to be worn every day, smart enough to go with any casual outfit, and versatile enough that every group, from goth to punk to rocker, can adopt them without losing their sense of style. They are available in a wide choice of colours, can come with or without laces, and even with different thickness of the sole, depending on the wearer's preferences.

Staying on trend with CONVERSE

But the brand does not only rely on their trainers. They also offer extensive collections that include casual home-wear, sportswear which includes shirts, hoodies and tracksuits – with both zipped and pull-over tops – and accessories, which are mainly back-packs and money-belts. Even the shoe line has benefited from an upgrade. Alongside the classic versions, it is now possible to find CONVERSE shoes that are not only made from soft but durable leather, but even lined with fur for use in freezing environments. You can carry a change of clothing with you in a branded bag and there is a wide range of products to choose from. Despite their long history, CONVERSE is a highly fashionable brand, with Chucks being as recognisable today as they were when they were first introduced way back in 1920. This just goes to prove that you cannot improve on perfection! But you can add to it, and the brand has done just that, retaining the most popular original designs, innovating and trying out new products - the most successful of which, like the Chucks, go on to stand the test of time.

The secret to CONVERSE's success

While a certain amount of CONVERSE's longevity must be chalked up to luck, good product design and high standards are responsible for a great deal of the brand's popularity. That the unisex products can be worn by anyone - which means that CONVERSE has a huge customer and fan base. And once worn, the products quickly become beloved: they are comfortable, attractive and endlessly stylish. Customers will return to products that they know are excellent quality, and Chucks –as well as all the other products – do not disappoint, time after time.