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SPEEDO Sports Glasses 'AQUAPLS PRO MIR GOG AU' in Black: front


46,10 EUR
Available sizes: Onesize
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Women's goggles: Stay comfortable swimming

Some swimmers like to hit the pool without goggles – but if you're not keen on a stinging sensation, play it safe! Goggles for women will make your swimming far more comfortable and improve your vision. Whether you're just trying to stay cool in the pool, or you want to enjoy spotting colourful fish and coral underwater in the sea, there are plenty of reasons to choose to swim with your eyes covered up. Make sure that yours fit well, or they won't work properly; if they sit closely against your face, with enough of a suction grip to hold them in place, you'll be all set to go on underwater adventures!

Choosing goggles for women: Types of lenses

The colour of the exterior part of the goggles doesn't matter. Choose whatever colour you like – go for your all-time favourite, or pick a shade that coordinates with your swimsuit and cap! However, the colour of the lenses is crucial. Clear lenses will provide maximum visibility when light is low, but there are other styles available. If you're swimming outdoors, polarized lenses protect against the glare of the sun, while mirrored lenses work well against bright indoor lighting. In fact, this is the reason why mirrored lenses are often chosen by Olympic swimmers – it's not just about looking cool, there's a practical reason too! Blue lenses are a good choice if you're going to be swimming both indoors and outdoors. Whatever colour you go for, look out for lenses that have been fitted with anti-fog protection if that's a problem for you.

How to wear and care for your goggles

Before you start swimming, play around with your goggles for women to make sure they fit properly. They should be fairly easy to loosen and tighten as you wish. The best way to put them on is eye-first: press the goggles against your face and, when you start to feel some suction, put the strap in place. After swimming in a pool, rinse them gently to protect them from the effects of chlorine, then leave them out to air dry before putting them away out of direct light. It's really important that you never put them away in your bag when they're still wet, or something might start to grow on them, which is never a good look!

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