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Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang ABOUT YOU x Sofia Tsakiridou
ABOUT YOU x Sofia Tsakiridou205

Soul styles

“My collection was inspired by the concept of yin and yang, the dance of polarities,” explains Sofia Tsakiridou, a model and yoga teacher who inspires, with her latest collection filled to the brim with fashion for the soul. As always, it’s all about beautiful basics and cozy pieces for every day, enriched with yoga pieces. Soft materials meet feminine fits, gorgeous gaudy prints, lots of yin-yang motifs, and special sets – taking you from morning brunches, nature walks with friends, and yoga classes to midnight dancing in serious style. ”An invitation to be all of who we are. Unapologetically, raw and honest. So here is my last collection to fit any kind of expression you want to find in each moment, to have you moving, dancing, and flowing through life.”

Yin and Yang ABOUT YOU x Sofia Tsakiridou