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Anything but ordinary
Jackets and coats for all body shapes

Anything but ordinary Jackets and coats for all body shapes
Jackets and coats for all body shapes1.279

Just be yourself

Let’s celebrate everybody in their own beauty and uniqueness. It’s great to be confident, know what you like and what works for you. How can knowing your body shape help? It’s all about choosing comfortable and versatile pieces and combining them to play up your favorite features. Whether you have an hourglass, H shape, V shape, A shape, or O shape figure, find what makes you feel and look your best with just a little inspiration.

The O shape

If you have a slimmer lower body and rounded midriff, you’ve got an O-shaped figure. A classic coat is a true investment made for dressing up or down. An ankle-length classic version is a sleek addition to any outfit and gives some extra length. Throw it over your favorite jeans, a button-up shirt, and some platform boots for a relaxed outfit. When you’re looking to make a style statement, a blazer-style jacket or peacoat will do the trick – think fluffy teddy material that will have you feeling comfortable as it is perfect for cozy layering. Throw it over on your way to the gym, to work, or for outdoor activities. Whatever makes you feel good and stylish, you’ll find it here!

Yasmin - Classy Black Set Look
Yasmin - Baby Blue Coat Look

The A shape

If the widest part of your body is around your hips and you have a smaller upper body, you’ve got an A-shaped figure. If you want to simultaneously feel and look cool, reach for a leather jacket. A khaki leather jacket version has taken over the season – pair it with some leather pants and loafers for a flattering and sleek look perfect for day and night. A long leather coat is super trendy and styled with some trousers and a crop top in darker shades you have yourself an effortless off-duty look that guarantees you feel your best.

Mies - Olive Leathery Look
Mies - Black & Brown Leathery Look