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Support with every move
Yoga Pants

Support with every move Yoga Pants
Yoga Pants82

It’s About Self-Care

Take a deep breath, let go, do something good for your body— your yoga session is your personal self-care moment. The last thing you need is a constricting cut, slipping waistband or see-through fabric keeping you form fully focusing on yourself during this precious hour! Find the perfect yoga tights that will faithfully see you through your at-home or studio session. Namasté.

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Keeping it tight

Freedom of movement is essential during your asana practice. Your yoga pants should therefore fit like a second skin - opaque and secure. Elastic leggings with a high waistband are perfect for this. It doesn't matter whether you prefer a pair of shorts or long leggings. We have a large variety of pants for you that are not only functional, but also make you feel good with their aesthetic and fashionable patterns for every session! Tip: If you want to be on the safe side, choose more muted colours and maybe even a size larger.