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BILLABONG – more than just surfing

If you thought that BILLABONG was just for suited for the casual surf look, think again! This brand offers fashion that is as much at home inland than it is on the beach. With bright and beautiful dresses that turn heads in the city or warm and snuggly sweatshirts that you can match with a fetching jacket for the colder months shows that it’s not just a label for the hot summer days, but it’s also for the chilly winter nights. Get ready to make waves, whatever the season. Expect super-quality fabrics and a high level of craftsmanship to go into every single piece on offer. Mix and match styles with beautiful prints and patterns, or finalise your look with their hats, shoes, handbags and purses to give even the plainest outfit some bright splashes of colour. Get ready for your winter sun holiday this year with some stylish and sexy swimwear, so you can swim or sunbathe in comfort and elegance.

Over 40 years of BILLABONG

With humble beginnings as a small surf style shop in the Gold Coast and a name inspired by the Australian term for a large body of water, BILLABONG stood for moving forward without regrets. Starting out with surf shorts designed on the kitchen table, Gordon and Rena Merchant began selling their wares to locals in their hometown before becoming the internationally-recognised label that it is today. In honour of moving forward, the label now offers a more broad range of clothing in keeping with their bright and colourful style. You can find blouses & tunics, dresses, shirts & tops or even jumpsuits & overalls that would be as at home around the office as they are at the beach. With the label reaching for the winter surf, you can even find coats, snow jackets and snow pants for trips to the mountains during the winter months. With the environment becoming a strong issue for many, the label is taking steps to produce an eco-friendly line with a trendy sustainable range using organic materials.

Wearing BILLABONG throughout the year

No matter the time of year, this label has got your back. If you’re skiing or snowboarding this winter, you’ll find ski jackets and snowboard jackets and snowboard pants to throw on with a colourful and cosy hat. Carry your gear in their sports bags & backpacks and check out the swim- and surfwear if you’re heading to the beach during the hotter days of the year. Springtime around the office or the town can be made lively with colourful print dresses and bright shoes or booties. Or you can opt for a cute blouse over some light trousers or patterned shorts. If it’s a bit chilly throw on some knitwear, or check out the sweatshirts & hoodies or jackets to keep you warm. BILLABONG has certainly grown to include a bit of everything, ensuring that you can find your perfect style no matter what the season.