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NAPAPIJRI – active fashion that pushes boundaries

The Italian brand NAPAPIJRI is an international sportswear label that offers luxurious pieces to be worn wherever you need them. With a sort-of-Finnish name and the Norwegian flag as its logo, they have celebrated the overlap of various identities by defying what could be classed as the norm. Famed for its lavish outdoor wear and accessories, such as their well-known bags & backpacks, you can be as easily kitted out for a city excavation as for a nature one. On offer is a range of jackets, shoes, trousers, sweatshirts & hoodies for both men and women. For warmer days, you can opt for light shirts, or even use them as a base for layers during the colder months. Some pieces come with distinct branding, whereas others are much more subtle. However you choose, wear it with pride as you let others know you are protected during your expedition.

The journey of NAPAPIJRI

In the shadow of the highest peak of Mont Blanc, an Italian manufacturer gave a whole new meaning to travel bags. In 1987, they started to combine innovative materials and modern styles. Learning from the experiences of fearless explorers over the previous century, they created their first iconic product: the Bering bag. Named after Vitus Bering, a Danish cartographer, it captured the unique journeys to make it a staple for journeys by land or sea. This bag is made from eco-leather and waxed canvas cotton, making it a highly sustainable choice. Constant modification to their processes has given NAPAPIJRI the ability to focus on true sustainability. In recent years the brand has adopted circular design with the first-ever fully recyclable jacket, which has won prestigious awards. All materials are traceable, meaning they know exactly where their fabrics have come from. In 2015 they went completely down and fur-free, instead using a new patented Thermo-Fibre technology. Futurewear is conceived of technologies used to change the future of clothing design.

NAPAPIJRI for the city and nature

Along with feeling guilt-free, you can wear pieces from NAPAPIJRI and feel comfortable and protected wherever you go. If it takes you to the treadmill, fill your kitbag with trousers and shirts that don the Norwegian flag. The great cuts and high-quality material mean you can choose some cosy sweatshirts & hoodies to wear over jeans whether your travels are brief or take all day. If it’s an all-day trek around the town or countryside, the backpacks won’t let you down. Offering a bold pattern and a padded back, bottom and shoulder straps, you can rely on the bags to protect your cargo and your shoulders. The well-made bags & backpacks can also serve you well on your daily commute. Warm and iconic jackets breathe some life into your walk to work, such as the famous rain jacket with the large front pocket! The suburban dweller can find solstice in trousers and sweatshirts that can keep you warm and cosy in your own home.