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NIKE: Seamlessly blending sport and fashion

When you hear 'NIKE,' you picture the greatest athletes wearing the company's sportswear. The brand's iconic swoosh and tag line 'Just Do It' have appeared at some of the biggest sporting events in history. Originally, the company designed athletic footwear but later branched out to clothing, shoes and athletic gear. Nowadays NIKE offers streetwear apparel for everybody. “Luxuriously sporty” is how one best describes the manufacturer's approach to its various offerings. The company designs each piece with fitness in mind, but performance is not the only driving factor. It incorporates the latest trends in fashion to create modern products that appeal to a young audience. The manufacturer approaches its designs with a bold aesthetic and is not afraid to use colours. The brand's trainers, which remain their most popular products, come in exciting and vibrant colours. Whatever the colour combinations, the brand manages to retain an elegant sophistication with its creations. They stand out by being the right amount of distracting. One can expect shoes with thick silhouettes and clothing with fine detailing.

Innovating fashion at every step

NIKE is big on incorporating the latest technology in its products, particularly footwear. The American company, which launched in 1964, has its headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. Its two co-founders started by selling athletic shoes imported from Japan from the back of their car, later they decided to design their own. They came up with the name 'NIKE,' the goddess of victory, and adopted the principle, 'always moving forward.' It is this vision that inspired the swoosh logo, which symbolises motion. The company introduced the waffle trainer sole in 1974, which revolutionised running shoes. Since then, NIKE worked to craft products that improve athletic performance. In the 1980s, the brand released the Air Force One, the first sneaker to use pressurised air for shock absorption. Over the years, the company has come up with footwear that changed the sneaker industry with novel technology. Customers get futuristic features like a quick-release fastener to provide ease of access in a pair of shoes. The company is not only about creating functional sportswear; it also focuses on comfort. The manufacturer uses breathable fabrics for its clothing and specially-engineered materials for footwear. It is also working on sustainable production to reduce the company's carbon footprint.

Athletic streetwear at its finest

Basketball courts, football fields and running tracks might be NIKE's playing grounds, but they are not the only ones. The brand has become popular with streetwear enthusiasts. It makes clothing, footwear, bags and accessories for the active user. The company used the basketball culture to influence its fashion trends. It designs products that you can wear outside the gym, yoga studio or golf club. Whether you want a comfortable jogging suit for your morning workout, perfectly fitting yoga pants or a towel bag for your tennis practice, you can find something suitable. Its footwear range blends with different casual outfits. You can dress down a suit for casual Friday at the office with muted shades, while a bright-coloured pair can complete that funky-chic look for your night out. The brilliant colours that the brand is famous for are perfect when looking to brighten up a relaxed outfit. NIKE creates fashionable sportswear for men, women and children.