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Season sale
Fitness Motivator

Season sale Fitness Motivator
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The Fitness Shirt

To choose the right sports shirt, ask yourself what kind of activities you need it for. For dynamic sports such as spinning, it is a good idea to opt for a tight shirt to reduce the air resistance of your clothing. For machine training, you can also wear a tank top or a wider cut shirt. Long-sleeved tops are recommended if your workout includes rest phases. With that being said, the number one rule for buying your new sports shirt is feeling comfortable in it at all times.

Season sale Fitness Motivator
Season sale Fitness Motivator

Fitness Pack List

Have you thought of everything? Towel, water bottle, fitness shoes, clothing? Gym card and shower gel? Quite a lot for a short training session! To keep all your belongings stowed within easy reach, check out some useful little helpers in our selection of fitness sports bags. The bags and backpacks are generally equipped with inner pockets to provide an overview as well as quick access to your stuff!

Season sale Fitness Motivator
Season sale Fitness Motivator