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Anything but ordinary
Jeans for all body shapes

Anything but ordinary Jeans for all body shapes
Jeans for all body shapes1.297

Just be yourself

Let’s celebrate everybody in their own beauty and uniqueness. It’s great to be confident, know what you like and what works for you. How can knowing your body shape help? It’s all about choosing comfortable and versatile pieces and combining them to play up your favorite features. Whether you have an hourglass, H shape, V shape, A shape, or O shape figure, find what makes you feel and look your best with just a little inspiration.

The O shape

If you have a slimmer lower body and rounded midriff, you’ve got an O-shaped figure. Accentuate your figure with mid-rise jeans in a sought-after flared fit, classic wide-leg or straight-fit jeans – these will highlight your waist and legs beautifully. A flared version styled with a long-sleeved t-shirt creates a balance from the shoulders to the ankles and is an everyday casual look that can easily be upgraded to chic with a pair of pointed boots. On the other hand, a cropped top partnered with a straight fit will do wonders in showcasing your waist and making you look and feel amazing.

Yasmin - Colour Gradient Denim Look
Yasmin - Classic Bootcut Look
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