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Season Sale Undergarments

Tight Boxer Shorts

There are many different names for tighter boxer styles: Boxer shorts, retro shorts, briefs or trunks — no matter what you call them, they come with many benefits. The leg length of this style can vary and its fabric is usually made of a cotton/elastane blend. This allows your skin to breathe and gives you maximum freedom of movement. Many boxer shorts of this type have a fly and are ideal under tight jeans and slacks!

Season Sale Undergarments
Season Sale Undergarments

Wide Boxer Shorts

This underwear style is especially popular among young men. Boxer shorts are the widest cut men's underwear and are ideal under wide-leg pants and jeans. However, this wide boxer style is less recommended for skinny jeans or tight suit pants, because it can wrinkle, slip or show through the pants.

Season Sale Undergarments
Season Sale Undergarments