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For the perfect flow
Yoga Essentials

For the perfect flow Yoga Essentials
Yoga Essentials317


Yoga is all about feeling your body and spending time with yourself! Whether Ashtanga or Kundalini - the right environment, as well as the appropriate clothing, are prerequisites for a relaxed and beneficial yoga session. A well-fitting bra is essential for every yogini, because it gives you support and freedom at the same time. Don't go for the same sports bra you wear for jogging. Instead choose a snug design with less support. This is enough for during your yoga practice.

For the perfect flow Yoga Essentials


A cool, well-fitting sports bra can often be the best yoga top! If you find it too chilly, especially when you're not warmed up at the beginning of your session, or you want to cover up a little more, check out our great selection of yoga tops. The only important thing is that you look for cotton or breathable materials. Tip: It's best to opt for fitted tops if you feel comfortable in them. This way they did not slip even when doing head-stands.

For the perfect flow Yoga Essentials