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Adidas Originals: An iconic streetwear brand

Adidas Originals is a household name as people relate all the classics from the famous adidas brand to this brand. With its trademark logo, the brand brings out a unique street style with athletic undertones. The brand celebrates the history of the company with modern design updates to the shoes and sport-inspired silhouettes. The Originals shoes blur the lines between retro running footwear, sneakers, and high-tops. With many fashion influencers, celebrities and hip-hop artists donning the classics, the shoes, outfits, and accessories have gained popularity worldwide. Apart from footwear, the three stripes logo is also found on shirts, coats, and accessories like sunglasses and bags. Initially, the company created apparel for sports, but nowadays you can also find hoodies and pants for everyday wear from Adidas. Most of the apparel is unisex and includes outfits for children. However, you can also find gender-specific clothes for women or men.

The story behind adidas Originals

While adidas Originals shares the same brand name with its parent company, their products and logos differ. You have probably heard the story of Adolf Dassler from Germany, who started the adidas company in his mother’s house in 1949. The brand acquired its three stripes logo in 1952 to aid in marketing. Over the years, the company has achieved tremendous success. Its success story is attributed to the unique logo and specialisation in the production of sports apparel. Adidas has also sponsored many sports teams surging its popularity in the sports industry. With the exponential growth of the company, it divided its brand into three categories, namely adidas Performance, Style Essentials, and adidas Originals. The trefoil logo was designed to represent the brand’s earlier iconic creations. Since its inception in 1997, the Originals brand has adopted old school sports designs from the 1940s and 1980s. Since sports have a significant influence on mainstream cultures, many young people embrace sportswear in fashion and hip-hop styles. As a result, the Originals created modern clothes for hip-hop fashion but retained their deep sportswear culture. Nowadays, most of adidas apparel come in classic and timeless designs.

Adidas Originals add style to any outfit

While the company is known for its signature black and white colours, you can also find bright colours and fantastic designs to pair with your casual outfits. If you are not sure how to incorporate the trefoil branded clothes to your image, here are a few tips to get you started: With a pair of Original Superstars in your wardrobe, you can pair the stylish shoes with any outfit depending on the occasion. For outdoor activities, you can wear the Adidas Superstars or the Adidas Firebirds with dark joggers or skinny jeans. Originals trainers are super comfortable and can complement any look. For instance, you can wear them with a midi dress or denim shorts for a cool appearance for any occasion. The branded backpacks or travel bags are also perfect for topping off a casual outfit since they come in various colours and fabrics. You can also combine the adidas Originals caps, socks, hats, and gloves with other clothes.