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ESPRIT - Unconventional and Cheerful Clothing, Footwear and Accessories

Fashion may have some rules but you can flip them around and forget norms and stereotypes - and ESPRIT wants you to do just that by starting to celebrate authenticity and diversity. From the menswear to womenswear collection, you can dare to move with your own style and rules. Maybe you prefer jeans from head to toes. The all-over look is so cool and casual. And that is what the ESPRIT shop brings to the table. There are plenty of styles manufactured with high-quality fabrics. The eye-catching denim pants come with all types of fits and hues. Grab the perfectly matching shirts and jackets in various shades of blue. Or go for casual denim overall. Anything your heart desires is possible with the ESPRIT online collection.

ESPRIT Shop: Making You the Centre of Attention with 80s Styles and Bright Colours

If you are an 80s fashion fan, you are sure to fall in love with the flowers and stripes from the ESPRIT shop. You may also choose to go with a patterned twist. Get a t-shirt or sweatshirt with the iconic ESPRIT logo. Check out some blouses and dresses featuring the legendary bandana style. Add a fabulous kerchief to your closet and tie it to your wrist, hair, or neck. Or you can tuck it into your pockets. Love being the centre of attention? Shop some candy colours on ESPRIT online. From neon, pink, yellow, magenta or orange to royal blue. Spice up your wardrobe with classic trench coats, skirts, jumpers, scarfs, long cardigans and trainers. They're perfect for every day wear and still offer a dose of freshness.

ESPRIT Online Fashion at ABOUT YOU

If you love modest dressing, the neutral shades at ESPRIT might match your style. The brand is colourful and lively, drawing people closer to home and authenticity. Every detail from the shoebox to the logo represents an upbeat and inspiring design. Notably, every customer notices the vibrant and creative vibe of ESPRIT online fashion. This is fuelled by the revolutionary spirit of the company and the 60s designs that promotes togetherness. The brand promises you to look and feel good. The success of the ESPRIT shop can be attributed to two pillars. One is the ability to deliver happiness with laid-back essentials; The other one is through carefully selected and fashionable pieces that are true to the core values of the company i.e. equality, sustainability and freedom of choice.