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Banana Republic: style without boundaries

If you had to describe the clothes that are produced by this brand in just one short phrase, it would have to be 'timeless fashion'. Banana Republic creates clothes that are cool and classic without having to try too hard and which are, above all, eminently wearable. The label prides itself on using natural and sustainable fabrics which, when combined with the latest technologies for textiles, will ensure that their clothes are easy to care for, easy to wash and will continue to look incredibly good. The clothes do not try to follow fleeting fashion fads; they are standard pieces that will never go out of style which you can adapt and use to create many looks from your wardrobe. The brand believes in a life without boundaries, with their clothes being a way to open up the world to those who wear them.

How it all began in California

Banana Republic was founded in 1978 by an American couple Mel and Patricia Ziegler who frequently travelled as part of their jobs and who loved to collect interesting clothing items on their travels. Their original shop opened in Mill Valley, California near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. There was a safari/explorer theme to reflect the Zieglers' love of travel and adventure. The handmade store catalogues featured fictional stories of explorers alongside images of the clothes. In 1983, the brand was bought by Gap and underwent a rebranding as an upmarket clothing label. Gap had promised the Zieglers that the original explorer spirit and uniqueness of their brand would be retained but the range of clothing offered was greatly extended. Widespread success across the world followed. Now a household name in the fashion industry with hundreds of retail locations worldwide, the brand continues to evolve and has made sustainability one of their top priorities. They aim to use 100% sustainable cotton by 2023.

Simply build your style with Banana Republic

If you are looking to create a wardrobe of clothes that will make styling easy and quick, then the neutral toned, classic lined pieces from this brand will make life much simpler for you. It is rare to find so many pieces from one clothing brand that are so comfortable to wear. You can mix and match staple shirts or long sleeved tops with well-cut trousers or jeans. Top off your outfit with a coat in every flattering hue that you could possibly want. The clothes are easy to style and can be dressed up for work by pairing printed blouses & tunics with trousers. For a casual weekend look, team one of their long Boho skirts with a simple T-shirt. The label's clothes mean that you have opted for easy, simple styling. Choosing what to wear should not be hard work so build your wardrobe around Banana Republic for effortless chic.